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Personalized Name Tags for Kids

Personalized Name Tags for Kids

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Personalized Name Tags for Kids Clothing

Measures approximately 3”w x 1”h

Sold in a set of 5.

Can be placed anyway you want! Just iron on with and iron and peel off clear film. A great way to tag your kids clothes so that it doesn't get lost at daycare or school.

Option to add phone number.

Please make sure you turn on iron so that it heats up before you choose where you want it. Once it is heated, please place the decal where you want it, place a shirt on top of the decal. Heat it up with the iron. Let it cool slightly and then remove it.

We are not responsible for the decal being placed incorrectly or ripped due to buyer not placing and applying properly.

There is no refund/exchanges/store credit for this item. No replacement will be sent.

Once it’s placed on the item can only be wiped down, it should not be submerged in water!

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